Videography by Waterford Productions
Videography by Waterford Productions
Legal Videography by Waterford Productions
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Why use Waterford Productions?

Waterford Productions is a NCRA Certified Legal Video SpecialistWe make your job easier. We know your time is valuable, so we take extra steps to make it easier for you to find the information you need in a video deposition. All of our video depositions are synchronized with the court reporter's transcript and stamped with the date and time, right down to the second, so that you can cross-reference and find the segment you need without shuttling through video and listening to unwanted segments. We also give you an events log that lists the times of all objections, and the start and end times of direct, cross and redirect questioning.

Depositions on CD-ROM. We can put your depositions on VHS or CD-ROM, if that is more convenient. With CD-ROMs, you can access a video deposition on your laptop or at your desk without looking for VHS tape player or having to lug around bulky VHS tapes.

Sophisticated Equipment. Waterford Productions uses broadcast-quality digital video and audio equipment to pick up the very fine visual and sound details you need in your legal videos and depositions. This can make a critical difference when you need to chronicle wounds, injuries or physical damages for your client.

Reliability. Waterford Productions has the only NCRA Certified Legal Video Specialist in Tallahassee. Our staff has had extensive training in correct way to take depositions and conducts themselves with the professionalism appropriate for legal proceedings. We keep complete records of all video depositions, so that you can call us if a tape is lost or misplaced.

Production Experience. We have an experienced documentary producer on staff that can produce very effective settlement or "day in the life" videos for you and your clients. We listen to what you are trying to accomplish in your case and work diligently with you to see that your client gets the best possible video representation.

Accuracy. We always provide headphones for court-reporters and make back-up audio cassettes that they can use if their own equipment fails.

Insurance. Imagine spending the time and money to fly in and pay an expert witness… only to find out later that the audio didn't record because of a bad tape. Who would pay for this costly mistake? At Waterford Productions, we don't make many mistakes, but when there is a problem, we are fully insured to cover any errors and omissions in our videos.