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Videography by Waterford Productions
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DATELINE TALLAHASSEE - How often have you seen major news or sports stories come out of the Florida's capital and found yourself without a way to cover it? Unless you belong to one of the few news syndicates in Tallahassee, you may have a tough time covering the capital city and the surrounding areas. Waterford Productions can be your solution. We combine digital cameras and editors with nearly 20 years of television and broadcast experience that includes live and package reporting, anchoring, shooting, editing and producing news and sports.

News Experience

News from the halls of Florida Government in Tallahassee.

During the 2000 presidential recount Waterford Productions provided a reporter to five television stations across the country, from New York City to Austin, Texas to Tampa, Florida. Maureen Walsh did up to 40 live shots a day and used her extensive sources and knowledge of the Florida capital to spearhead the 36 days of recount coverage. Maureen is a veteran Tallahassee journalist whose capital connections go back to her college days when she was a reading clerk in the Florida House of Representatives. From spot news to legislative and political stories, Waterford Productions can provide you with solid video work and insightful coverage from seasoned professionals.

Sports Experience

Interviews and Video from Florida State FootballTallahassee is synonymous with Bobby Bowden and Florida State University, the premier college football program in the country. Every year FSU is the big game on fall schedule. If you can't afford to send your own crew to Tallahassee, let Waterford Productions cover your team for you. Waterford Productions can provide video clips and interviews from FSU games and practices and help you get the video and sound bites when you need them.

Expert Grapefruit League Coverage

Our sports coverage does not begin and end with the Seminoles. Since 1998, our staff has spent parts of February and March traveling across Florida to shoot major league spring training. We are extremely knowledgeable about baseball and can get you the video and interviews you need from the day pitchers and catchers report to camp... until the day the teams break to head north for opening day.

Waterford Productions has the sports experience to bring you football, baseball and many other sports. Our reporter has anchored sports broadcasts, produced sports specials and covered the 1996 Summer Olympics for a network of stations across the country, filing live reports and packages for network affiliates in Philadelphia, Seattle and Boston.

Feeding the Video

Waterford Productions does not provide feed services, but we are happy to bring our video to the feed site of your choice. For general purposes, there are two options for satellite feeds out of Tallahassee.

WFSU-TV operates two uplinks, a steerable KU-band analog uplink and a steerable C-band analog uplink. WFSU-TV's KU band uplink can also do digital uplinks if the downlink has a Digicypher II to take the feed. WFSU only provides uplink services, clients have to book their own satellite time. To schedule an uplink with WFSU-TV, contact Rick Potrikus at (850) 487-3170, extension 345.