Videography by Waterford Productions
Videography by Waterford Productions
Wedding Videography by Waterford Productions FAQ
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Q: You are already booked for my wedding date. Do you ever shoot two weddings in a day?

A: We get this question all the time. We have—on the very rare occasion—shot one wedding in the morning and another in the evening. But generally speaking, the answer is no. We prefer to concentrate on one bridal couple at a time.

Q: If you are already booked for my date is there anything that you could do for us?

A: Our creativity is not restricted to the wedding day! Even if we are booked on your date, there is still plenty that we can do to make your wedding day special. Our Bridal Portraits are a wonderful addition to receptions and our Love Stories and Photo Montages play beautifully at rehearsal dinners as well as receptions. Of course, we can also create a special memory of your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The Wedding Story is a wonderful keepsake that we shoot and edit about a week after the wedding. Our Video Thank You CDs are also a nice finishing touch. We can also develop a unique Photo Montage of your honeymoon video or pictures. So you see, while we can’t alter time and space in order to be at two weddings at once, we can work around those limitations to produce stylish and masterful additions to your final wedding video.

Q: How early should I book you?

A: Because we offer such a high-end product, we tend to book up early. Some brides book us more than a year in advance, although the standard is about five to seven months. However, we do have open dates pop up throughout the year, so we encourage you to contact us to find out if we are available on your wedding date. It never hurts to ask.

Q: How do I book you?

A: We will send you a contract for your wedding date. Return the signed contract along with your non-refundable retainer fee and we will reserve a crew for you. Your date is not booked until we have the retainer fee and a signed contract. The retainer fee is one third of estimated total bill. If you are not sure which wedding package you want, we will send you a contract for our Classic package and you can always elect to upgrade later.

Q: I noticed that you don’t have a prices listed on your website. How do I find out about prices?

A: We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we don’t list package prices for competitive reasons, and we hope that you understand. If you want to know more about our services and prices, just go to the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail. We will need your postal address and the date that you are getting married and we will mail you an information packet. Sorry, but we do not e-mail our price lists. If your date is unavailable we will notify you immediately via e-mail.

Q: When do I pay you?

A: We require one third down at the time you sign the contract; one third is due two weeks before the wedding date and the balance is due upon completion of the video. We are sorry, but we cannot move forward with any project until these payments are made in full by the specified deadlines. We do not release videos until we have been paid in full. No exceptions. All payments are non-refundable.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We do not at the present time, but that may change.

Q: Can we pay in installments?

A: Absolutely. We want to make this as easy for you as possible. We are happy to take installments, but the same payment schedule applies: 1/3 of the total at the time the contract is signed, 1/3 of the total no less than two weeks before the wedding date, and the balance due by the time the project is complete.

Q: When do I get my video?

A: Generally we try to get our clients their videos in one to three months. However, sometimes we develop a production backlog and it can take longer to finish the videos. And again, we do not deliver the videos until we have received payment in full.

Q: Do you travel outside the Tallahassee area?

A: Yes, we are happy to service clients from around the area and even across the state. While we do not charge for the driving time we do add on a mileage fee of 42 cents a mile for out of town assignments. Also, depending on travel time and how late the reception runs, we may require our clients to cover overnight accommodations, meals and other expenses for our crew. Special charges and arrangements may apply for weddings that occur in South Florida or out of state (excluding SW Georgia and SE Alabama ).

Q: How do you work on the wedding day?

A: Since we try to specifically design each video to suite the clients’ needs and personalities, a lot depends on what the bridal couple wants and what sort of video we design for them. Some brides and grooms love our services or packages that require more pre-ceremony shooting. Other couples want us to spend more time at the reception. Generally speaking, our two person crew arrives two hours before the ceremony to get set up and record some the wedding preparations. We use three cameras during the ceremony and one to two cameras for the preparations and reception. We work for six hours (with breaks, usually during the reception), but you can book us to stay longer. We then take all the video that we shot and edit it together into a tape that generally runs between 1 - 1½ hours.

Q: How much does it cost to book you for longer than six hours?

A: Our crew is happy to stay as long as you would like at a rate of $150 per extra hour or portion of an extra hour.

Q: Where do you stand during the ceremony?

A: At Waterford Productions, we try to be very discrete when shooting weddings. We work with the bridal couple and the officiator to make sure that we get the shots we need without compromising the sanctity of the ceremony. Usually we will have one camera up on or near the altar and two cameras in the back, or two cameras up front and one camera in the back. Some pastors, however, do not allow cameras at the front of the church, and we try to work around that as much as possible. We try not to move around much during the ceremony. With permission, we position someone to get prime shots of the bridal party walking down the aisle and then the videographer will move off to the side for the rest of the ceremony.

Q: Do you use wireless microphones?

A: Yes. We use up to four wireless microphones during the ceremony. We place wireless microphones on the groom, the officiator, the lectern stand and on the singer’s audio output. We also use wireless connections at the reception to capture the toast, any speeches and the dance music. This extensive audio set-up ensures that we will capture and record each element of your wedding ceremony and reception with crystal clear sound. In addition to our wireless microphones, we also use our own camera-mounted microphones to capture the ambient sounds and candid remarks throughout the day. All of our sound is digitally recorded as 16-bit, CD-quality audio.

Q: I noticed in your wedding packages that there is a different price for ceremonies that run longer than 40 minutes. Why is that?

A: It’s strictly a time issue. We have to charge extra for the additional editing time.

Q: I’m on a budget and didn’t really want to spend that much on a wedding video. Do you offer smaller, less expensive video options?

A: We used shoot partial wedding days, but we don’t do that too much any more. We simply have a pretty high demand for our larger packages and services. We will still do it on occasion, but we cannot book these types of jobs more than 30 days in advance.

Q: Do you shoot rehearsal dinners? Can you put together a photo montage?

A: Absolutely. Just check out the Wedding Packages on our website.

Q: Do you add in music to the wedding videos?

A: Yes. For our Classic Package we have classical guitar music that we use and our brides absolutely love. For packages and services that are more specialized, we work with our couples on the songs they want in their video. Sometimes they request a particular song, sometimes we make suggestions. Again, this is their video, their special keepsake, so we try to customize and personalize it as much as possible.

Q: How many copies of the video do I get?

A: Our clients have a choice. As part of our standard packages, clients can receive either two VHS copies or one DVD of the final wedding video. You can buy additional copies for $25 per tape and $35 per DVD.

Q: Do I get copies of the raw video that you shoot?

A: While many wedding videographers do provide the raw video, Waterford Productions does not. When we put together your wedding tape, we don’t just edit together the highlights of your day. We include every useable shot that we take and we only remove the shots that are shaky or out of focus. The final product includes 95% of video we’ve shot and it’s presented in a polished, easy-to-follow wedding video.

Q: What kind of experience do you have?

A: We have been shooting weddings in the Tallahassee area for more than five years, but our professional experience extends long before that. Our main videographer has been shooting professionally for more than fifteen years. This includes documentary work and video for CNN, CBS Evening News and television stations across the state.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: All of our videos are shot and edited on digital, broadcast-quality equipment. We use a Canon XL1, a Canon XL1S, and a Sony PD-150 to shoot our wedding day videos. All three are three CCD digital cameras with powerful lenses, and operate exceptionally well in low-light situations. These are the same cameras that we have used to shoot news and sports video for CNN and other television stations across the country. They record 12- or 16-bit digital audio to provide CD-quality sound for our videos. We edit our video on non-linear editing system, a very powerful, highly specialized computer that performs special effects, graphics and transitions.

Q: What if the videographer gets sick or can’t make it?

A: We have never left a bride and groom stranded, without a videographer. In the event that something happens to the videographer assigned to your wedding, Waterford Productions will make every effort to book a replacement at no additional cost to you. We will then take the video shot that day and edit it using the same post-production standards that our clients have come to expect.

Q: Have you ever had a camera fail during a ceremony?

A: Yes… but only once. That is why we use at least two cameras at every wedding… even for the simplest and most basic shoot. If one of our cameras fails we always have another there shooting the ceremony. Also, if a camera failure seriously compromises the quality of your final video, we will discount the price of your video.