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Videography by Waterford Productions
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Waterford Productions uses broadcast quality digital, three-chip cameras in all of our wedding videography. We also use 16-bit, CD quality audio and digital nonlinear editing systems in every wedding package. So, whether you are purchasing our most basic package or our most elaborate, you will enjoy the highest video standards that we have available to us. Regardless of the size of your budget, we want your wedding video to be the best it can possible be. Please browse through our package offerings and contact us about booking a video crew for your wedding.

The Classic
We will provide one to two digital, broadcast quality cameras to record wedding preparations and your reception. We will provide three digital broadcast quality cameras and up to four wireless microphones to record your ceremony. We will digitally edit the raw video into a final videotape featuring basic production work (mostly cut edits between shots) and tasteful graphic pages that introduce each segment. Videographers will spend up to six hours at your wedding event. You will receive two VHS tapes or one un-authored DVD of your final wedding video.

The Premiere
This is a more romantic, more polished version of our Classic package. It includes a wedding day highlight segment to introduce the video and a romantic, slow motion edit of the bridal couple’s first dance. The Premiere package features extensive post-production work, such as slow motion, dissolves and special effects. You will receive two VHS tapes or one authored DVD of your final wedding video . This package includes five video Thank You CD-ROMs.

The Romance
Capture the romance of the day with this amorous package. The Romance includes everything in Premiere package, plus a basic photo montage and one of our popular Romance portraits of the bridal couple . Tender, passionate and sentimental, our Romance portraits live up to their name. This package includes five video Thank You CD-ROMs.

The Fairytale
For legendary loves. Why have just a wedding video when you can put yourself right into a fairytale? The Fairytale includes everything you find in the Romance package plus your choice of either a Bridal Portrait, Wedding Story or Love story. Also includes a deluxe, customized photo montage and champagne memories.

The Storybook
Is yours a storybook romance? Will this be a storybook wedding? Let us create a dream video for you—one that captures the romance and sentimentality of the most important day in your life. This package features up to 15 minutes of additional “highlight” editing. Also select your choice of two of our popular wedding elements: the Bridal Portrait, the Wedding Story, the Love Story. This package includes five video Thank You CD-ROMs.

*To cover the extra editing time required, Waterford Productions charges an additional fee of $100 for services that last longer than 40 minutes.

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Individual Services

Wedding Day Highlights
This is a wonderful introduction to your wedding video. We will take highlights from your wedding day and set them to music selected and provided by you. This feature includes extensive post-production work, such as slow motion, dissolves and special effects. Generally runs three to four minutes. Comes with three Thank You CD-ROMs.

Romance Portrait
For all of the distractions and details, your wedding day is really just about the two of you. The Romance Portrait recognizes and celebrates the intimacy of the day. This video is about the bride and groom-- period. Filled with sentimentality and love, the Romance Portrait captures the feelings that only the two of you share on your wedding day..

Bridal Portrait
Brides spend months getting their wedding day look just right. With a Bridal Portrait we capture all the details: beading on the dress, the glimmer of your earrings--- even your shoes. We set up a special shoot to get artistic video of the bride as she will look on her wedding day. Tastefully edited with special effects and set to the music of your choice. A gorgeous addition to your wedding video and a wonderful feature at any reception.

Love Story
A lovely touch that plays very well at rehearsal dinners and receptions. Waterford Productions will videotape interviews with the bride and groom, discussing how they met, how they got engaged and how they feel about one another. The Love Story also includes video and/or photos of the couple together.

Wedding Story
Talk about your memories of your wedding day while they are still fresh in your mind! Waterford Productions will videotape interviews with the bride and groom after they come back from their honeymoon. Each will talk about the day and what they remember. We will edit in appropriate video clips from your wedding day. It's a unique and pleasant addition to your wedding video.

Custom Open
Why should your wedding video look like everyone else’s? Personalize your video with a custom open, designed specifically for the two of you. We will create a special opening that reflects your personality. Creative and eye-catching, a Custom Open will ensure that no one will ever forget your video.

Rehearsal Dinner
Some of the best stories of your wedding weekend come before the big day arrives. Rehearsal dinners are usually full of laughter and love, with only your very closest friends and family there to share their memories of you. Don't miss the opportunity to capture these precious moments on video! We will use one (1) digital, broadcast quality camera to videotape your rehearsal dinner. The raw video is edited together and included in your wedding tape. Price includes up to four (4) hours on site.

Basic Memories Montage
Take a look at the bride and groom through the years and your special moments together. We will edit together up to 40 photographs and set them to music that you provide. Photographs will be set against a plain black background and includes dissolves and some color correction. Montage can be included with wedding video or used at reception or rehearsal dinner. Generally runs three to four minutes. Note: Price does not include projection or presentation equipment or services.

Deluxe Memories Montage
This is an upgrade from our Basic Memories Montage. We will edit together up to 60 of your personal photographs set to a favorite song(s) or music provided by you. Photographs will be set against a specially designed background, personalized especially for the bridal couple. This service includes dissolves, motion effects and color correction. Generally runs three to six minutes. Note: Price does not include projection or presentation equipment or services.

Thank You CD-ROMs
Finally a wedding thank you for the new millennium! Waterford Productions will place your Wedding Day Highlight video, Bridal Portrait or Bridal Love Story onto a personalized CD-ROM. Your friends and family can just slip the CD-ROMs into their computers and voilà! The CD-ROM will automatically open to your thank you message and your video clip, complete with audio, and begin to play. Your loved ones can relive your special day over and over. Thank You CD-ROMs are available with general or personalized messages. Please add a $3 charge for each individualized message.

Extended Hours
Unless otherwise indicated, wedding day prices are based on a six (6) hour day. This feature allows you to extend the amount of time you use the videographer and camera equipment. The fee applies for each hour or fraction of an hour beyond the allotted six-hour day.

Weddings Outside of Tallahassee
Waterford Productions is often asked to videotape weddings outside of the Tallahassee area. We are quite happy to do this, but we must ask our clients work with us in several special, but necessary ways. First, we ask clients to book and cover hotel accommodations for our crew for the wedding weekend. This usually amounts to one night, depending on the time of the wedding and the wedding package you select. Some packages require us to shoot on days before or after the wedding day. We also must get a 40% non-refundable down payment with the signed contract. This is to cover our travel expenses that we must book and pay for in advance. Finally, wedding videos that are shipped out of town to clients will be sent Cash On Delivery, with shipping and COD fees charged to the client. These terms are not outlined in our standard contract, but are required of all out of town bookings.

Weddings on DVD
Waterford Productions can now put your wedding on DVD--- the best format for recording and preserving your wedding. DVDs provide pristine digital video and audio. Your wedding video will never look better! And DVDs are much more durable than videotapes. While videotapes begin to degrade after seven to ten years, in 50 years your DVDs will look and sound as good as they do today.

*Wedding Highlights, Bridal Portrait or Love Story must be purchased separately; these services are not included in the price.

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